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Consider us your support system for all things technology.

With over 25 years of experience, we know computer technology, from the underlying fundementals to the end user productivity, we can help you make the best, most cost effective decisions in buying technology, and we are there to support you as much as you need to keep your technology solutions running optimally. Here's just a few of the services we can provide:

Research & Procurement

Rather than being another retailer pushing "their" latest greatest solutions on you, we instead listen to what you need, then go out and find options that make the most sense for what you want to accomplish.


With your needs and wants list in hand, and discussions that clarify what you value most, we come back with solutions that meet your productivity needs, while doing so at the price point that maximizes your budget.

Managed Technology Services

We provide managed support for your computers, mobile devices, and systems.


We can provide support onsite or offsite via remote managment solutions.

We can come anytime you have need, or on a regularly scheduled basis to help you maintain your systems.

We offer installation, configuration, maintenance, repair, help desk and formal education services, and can work with you to prioritize our time to meet your needs.

Education and Training

Need one time training on a particular device, software application, or internet site? Do you need regular consulting to learn the in depth features of your software or devices, and want to setup a schedule for training? We can do both!

Need help desk support? Whether on a periodic basis, or as your primary support staff, we can provide onsite and remote help desk services to answer your questions, troubleshoot your issues, and keep you happy, productive, and knowledgable!

Hardware Repair

Have a computer or mobile device that's misbehaving? Problems starting up, won't power on at all, or crashes when using?

We can diagnose and pinpoint the cause, and if it's a hardware problem, have the tools and knowledge to find it, fix it, and get you back running quickly.

Sometimes what looks like a hardware problem is actually a software problem, and we can take care of those too!

Website Research, Design, and Implementation

Want to get a web presence setup for your business or project?


Whether your needs are complex and involve a lot or secure retail transactions, extensive database work, or are simple and you just need to find a great place to host and self maintain your site, we can get you there!

We find the proper hosts with the amount of bandwidth, hosting options, and support to keep your site running and with all the features you need.

We can then implement your website, from graphics and text content, to databases and secure transaction capability. We can find hosting solutions you can maintain yourself, or take full responsibility for your site so you can leave the challenges to us!

Network Design and Implementation

Need someone to secure your home wirless network?

Need a network setup for you small business?

Have a complex network involving multiple sites, with security requirements and audits?

We have over 25 years of experience designing, building and maintaining networks. Local Area Networks (LAN's), City  Wide Networks (MAN's), even networks spanning many cities or countries, (WAN's), we can do it all.

We can provide secure networks, encrypted network connections, and high speed networks. Let us show you what is possible, and help you design the solution that works for you!

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